Minding your business entails that even if you see someone digging a pit, you leave them to it!


He will keep you

Berry was determined to make her life better than her mothers’. She didn’t want to go through all what her mother went through.

Betsy looks up to her for proper guidance and protection, but she doesn’t think she can continue. Her baby needs social protection! she’s providing that.

She needs physical protection! too, quickly she grabbed the phone and called the secret security service to order for a detective.   She hired him immediately on a 24 hours security basis, he was to begin work the next day.

Immediately she put the receiver down, she heard a voice say  “can you protect her spiritually?”  she looked around to see who spoke to her, but no one was there. “Spiritually” she said to herself as she stared into the kitchen sink.

“What does that even  mean” she thought aloud then she heard again

“I can protect her spiritually if you ask me”,

“Who are you Lord” she asked.

“I am he who never sleeps nor slumber”

then she realised she couldn’t do it all by herself, she needed someone; someone she can trust.


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Now, my writing is tilted towards religion and christianity and how we can apply religion to life.

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