When you’re knocked down…

I remember how I was rejected olotuFunke.com I can relate. I remember it’s my one year anniversary after NYSC without any tangible job yet, and I’ve been applying.
The most shocking news is that a bank where I’ve interned in before sent me a message this morning that they wouldn’t be picking me since I made 48% instead of the 50% cut off.
This is just one out of the numerous rejections I’ve suffered over the past one year.
I’m positive and praying cause I know my YES! is coming. Out of a million no is one YES! One YES! for me.

But what do I do before my YES! comes
Like me when you’re knocked down:

1) Never give up

I’ve learnt that it is not the end of the road. It is only men who have said No, God has the final say! Yes. 

Cheer up don’t give up, Christ has overcome the world for you. It means that Christ has been through this before, it’s just a storm that will never last. 

You’re not allowed to take your life for it, what come, what may.

2) Learn to live! 

I’ve learnt how to live. I learnt that life goes on, The earlier you got up to go on with it, the better! Else it leaves you behind. 

3) Find your passion.

I know there’s something you like. There’s something you’re good at. There’s something only you can do best. Sit back, relax , and think. 

Think about your likes and dislikes. Reflect on the positive compliments and remarks people have ever said to you, there’s got to be some answers in there,somewhere. 

4) Give yourself space, breathe!

Yes take a deep breath and say it is well. Things are gonna get better. Joblessness has got to go, Yes! your appointment letter just have to come. 

5) Continue to do what you’re doing 

    There is something you were doing before disappointment came and it was as if you were doing okay, you were fine before this.
    If it’s prayer you’re good at, keep on praying
    If it’s laying low and practicing,keep on practising
    As for me,I’ll keep praying and practicing like I’d always done.
    But Don’t stop trusting God, he’ll come true
    This Time shall surely pass

6) Develop your passion.

Find something to do, never stay idle. In the process of waiting, there’s always something to do. Doing something is a process of growth. It could be an old skill or handwork.

7) Learn Something new each time

Open yourself to learning and grow. The waiting period is a period of unchallengeable growth and development.Don’t miss the opportunity. If it’s a vocational skill learn it, no knowledge is wasted.


You check my post on ” how to live and not die” just to feel good about yourself and know that we’re in this together!


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