Your First Calvary Experience!!! 

Your Calvary experience comes the day you give it all. Yes! The day you surrender all, everything to Christ.

The day you lay it all down at the foot of the cross, looking up to Jesus, you ask for mercy because you feel like the most wretched person in the whole wide world despite all the money you have. 

To some it is instantaneous; it comes immediately they confess Christ, to others it takes time.

Calvary experience is done by the holy ghost. It is the first step of sanctification by the holy ghost. It depends on how quickly your spirit man is convinced and your conscience purged. 

I remember being sober and calm, asking for forgiveness and seeking for mercy. I remember promising Jesus that I’ll love him and never ever leave him, and immediately I gave up everything.

I remember making promises and seeking for lots of mercy, after 10 years of giving my life to Christ. 

Not that I wasn’t saved, I was, but it was only then my spirit man was being convinced, that my salvation was genuine!

Salvation comes from God to those whom he hath appointed it to. That is why he sent his spirit to facilitate the whole process.

Please share with me your own Calvary experience too!!!


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